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Tips for Moving in the Summer: How to Survive Your Summer Move

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Tips for Moving in the Summer: How to Survive Your Summer Move

It is common knowledge that most people move during the summers. This is because the process of moving is completely unfeasible in the winters due to unsafe conditions because of snow, for example, and other inconveniences. House hunting is also likely to be more effective during the summers when the potential buyers can inspect the house without any constraints due to the weather. Additionally, most leases expire in the summers, contributing to the summer season is the favourite one to move.

Though moving in the summers has its advantages, the heat can often become a major concern and seriously hamper your progress, making the process more tedious than it already is. In this blog post, we share certain steps following which you can quite easily manage your summer move.

Get Organized

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This doesn’t just apply to the summers, but to every season. Moving is a long and hectic process and starting it in a haphazard manner without a proper plan in place can be disastrous. Plan out everything that needs to be done beforehand, such as the transfer of utilities, important documentation, packing, etc. Once you have done this, you will find that everything will move in a much smoother manner.

Manage Your Packing

During the summers, we get fatigued faster as the constant sweating leads to dehydration and a steady decrease in energy levels. Packing up your whole house in a short span of time may lead to heat exhaustion – to prevent this from happening, spread your packing endeavours out over a longer period of time, doing a little bit in one go. This may sound like too much of a hassle, but in the long run, it’s the smarter move. You could also get help, so even if you and your family are spending around five hours a day packing, it would still go pretty fast.

Book a Mover

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People often manage their move on their own by simply renting a truck for the transportation of their belongings, but in the sweltering heat, it’s a safer option to invest in a moving company who can take care of all the loading and unloading for you. Now, during the summers, due to a large number of people moving, prices of moving companies go up too. To counter this, you can get a good deal by booking them well in time instead of at the last moment. In addition, don’t make a decision without making a proper assessment of the moving company you’re choosing. Make sure to ask for quotes from more than one company, analyze the services they’re offering, find out if they provide insurance (and what it covers), and make sure they are licensed, reliable, and known for their exceptional services. You will also want to book a mover early because if you leave it till the end, chances are, they may already be too busy to cater to you, something that may delay your carefully planned move or force you to opt for a less reliable moving company.

Begin Early in the Morning

To avoid having to do the bulk of your travelling and unloading during the afternoon, start as early in the morning as possible. Not only can you avoid traffic that way, you will be saved from the heat, making it easier for you to conserve energy for when you’ll need it once you reach your new home.

Take Steps to Beat the Heat

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People don’t place importance on staying safe from the negative effects of the heat. However, heat strokes are real and can lead to serious repercussions. To ensure nothing affects your family’s health as well as your own, take protective measures. Wear clothing with a light material and colour. Keep cold towels with you which will help you cool off every time you feel the heat getting too much to bear. Your best friend in the summers is your sunblock – apply it generously to prevent sunstrokes which can make your life extremely painful.

Stay Hydrated

This deserves significant mention as there can never be enough stress on how vital drinking an adequate amount of water is. During the heat and especially while we are working, most of us sweat significantly. When you are moving, you’re already too busy to replenish your body with properly cooked meals, but something that you can’t compromise on is your water intake. Keep water bottles filled and by your side at all times to make sure you don’t get dehydrated.

Follow these tips and tricks if you want to ace your summer move, and relocate without any trouble!

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Tips for Moving in the Summer: How to Survive Your Summer Move