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Moving Terminology

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Definitely Need To Know!

Are you relocating and considering hiring a moving company? Knowing these moving terminologies can help, as you’ll be hearing them a lot!

Accessorial (Additional) Services

All the moving services that are not included in the standard transportation services fall in the category of Accessorial (or “Additional”) Services. These could be anything, from packing to special pick-ups and/or deliveries.


Your “Agent” is the professional who executes crucial tasks related to your moving, like booking, arranging trucks and personnel, etc.

AMSA Certified Mover

An AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) Certified Mover is one who is authorized by the Federal Highway Administration to carry out interstate transportation and handling of household cargo and is legally obliged to conduct its operations with the utmost professionalism by following the AMSA Code of Conduct.

AMSA Certified Van Line

Similar to AMSA Certified Movers, an AMSA Certified Van Line is authorized by the Federal Highway Administration for interstate transportation of shipments. They also strive to follow the code of conduct of AMSA.

Appliance Service

This refers to the careful packaging and moving/transportation of electrical appliances.

Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading is like a “receipt” for your domestic relocation. It includes a transportation contract of your belongings, that you must read carefully before you sign. It is highly recommended that you read the Bill of Lading multiple times.

Binding/Non-Binding Estimate

  • A binding estimate fixes the total price charged by the moving company.
  • A non-binding estimate is merely a quote and not fixed, i.e. the final cost is calculated according to the total weight of cargo and other expenses involved.

Booking Agent

A booking agent is the one who sells, records, registers, and conducts every activity related to your relocation. They do not have to be in the same geographical location as you.


C.O.D is a form of payment in which the client pays the moving company at the time of delivery.


Carrier is the registered moving company that carries out the transportation of your belongings to your new abode.

Change Order

A Change Order form is a document that is used if the customer wants to make any changes in their moving requirements. This will also change the total cost.

Check-Off Sheet

The Check-Off Sheet contains the entries of your furniture and other cargo items, represented with numbers that match the stickers on the items.

Contract Number

Your Contract Number is used to identify the shipment/transportation of your belongings. It can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your Bill of Lading Form and Order of Service.

Destination Agent

A Destination Agent is the one who facilitates every aspect of your moving, at your geographical destination.


All the Van Lines in the North American continent provide free price estimates which are a calculation of all moving and transportation charges.

Expedited Service

In Expedited Service, the moving company transporting your belongings agrees to do it on a specified date. In return, the client has to pay a higher amount based on a minimum shipment weight.

Guaranteed Pickup/Delivery

In this premium service, the moving service guarantees the delivery of all belongings by a specific date and is legally obliged to reimburse their clients in case of any delay.

Hauling Agent

A Hauling Agent is someone who owns the moving truck, assigned by the van line.

High-Value Article

High-Value Articles are the items whose individual value exceeds $100 per pound. Movers take extra safety measures while handling these items.


Inventory is a document/sheet in which all your belongings are mentioned with details.

Line-haul Charges

Line-Haul charges are the expense that the customer has to bear for the transportation part, and does not include the other moving expenses.

Long Carry

Long Carry is the additional cost of transporting your items to extra distances in between your residence and the moving truck.

Move Coordinator

A Move Coordinator is the single point of contact for the customer and is responsible for coordinating every aspect of the move and keeping the customer informed.

Order for Service

Order for Service represents your authorization for the mover to carry out the transportation of your household goods and includes all the services requested by you.

Origin Agent

The Origin Agent is present near or in your initial geographical location and oversees all the moving tasks.

Peak Season Rates

Peak Season Rates are the higher charges applied on the relocations done during the summer.

Pickup and Delivery Charges

Pickup and delivery charges are separate expenses that you have to bear to transport your belongings between storage and your house.

Relocation Specialist

A Relocation Specialist is an agent who knows everything there is to know about moving. You can consult with these professionals if you have any confusions.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service provides the option to transport goods between your house and the truck of the company via small vehicles known as “shuttles.” The service is used when a truck can’t access the location of a house.

Storage-In-Transit (SIT)

SIT is a kind of storage that is done for a temporary period until the time arrives to get your belongings delivered to the desired destination. If your future house is under construction or getting renovated, SIT service can be requested for your feasibility. This service cannot be exceeded more than 90 days total, and extra charges are applied to avail the service along with the fees for warehouse handling and your final moving charges.

Third Party Charges

All the services acquired by third-party professionals come under the umbrella of Third Party Charges. These charges are included in the Bill of Lading.


Valuation, also known as ‘Maximum Value Protection,’ is a charge that totally depends on the degree of ‘worth’ of your relocation shipment. It is like a compensation made for making the movers take greater measures of care than they usually do.

Van Line

A moving company that supplies moving services all over the country via a network of associated agents is known as Van Line. Van lines allow their representatives to pass interstate moving shipments, and have control over entire paperwork processing, dispatching, shipment routing and monitoring, and claims settlement on behalf of their agents. An incredible example of this kind of full service moving company is North American Van Lines.

Van Operator

The Van Operator is the one who drives the truck and is responsible for the actual transportation of the cargo.

Warehouse Handling

Warehouse Handling charges apply when the cargo is sent to the storage. It is a way of compensating the moving company for handling the items inside the storage warehouses.