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The Pursuit of Golden Opportunities in the Sunshine State!

“A tough day in Florida is still much better than a great day anywhere else on Earth!”

Home to some of the most amazing attractions and lively citizens, Florida, more commonly known as the “Sunshine State,” is a land full of golden opportunities which are ripe for the taking. Currently, the 3rd most populous state of America, Florida is populated by a staggering 20,984,400 citizens, prospering in peace and playing their roles in making America the great country that it is. Florida is also the southernmost contiguous state, with its peninsula located in between the serene Gulf of Mexico, which is to the west and the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean which is to the east. Thanks to its unique geographical location, inhabitants enjoy a tropical climate and experience very little snowfall. And that’s just the little things that make Florida an ideal state to thrive in; the cherry on top is that Florida is home to a diverse range of industries, which present incredible employment opportunities for its inhabitants.

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Dreaming of moving to Florida is one thing, but packing up and actually making a move is an entirely different matter. If you consider the risks and costs of shifting to Florida, the idea suddenly does not sound so great. The main reason is that finding dependable and legit movers in the United States of America is a rare thing these days, whether you are moving nearby or somewhere far away.

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Now that everything is sorted out, it’s time to pack up your bags and get moving to Florida!

Florida was the 27th state in the USA; it was admitted on March 3, 1845.

State Abbreviation – FL
State Capital – Tallahassee
Largest City – Jacksonville
Area – 65,758 square miles [Florida is the 22nd biggest state in the USA]
Population – 15,982,378 (as of 2000) [Florida is the fourth most populous state in the USA, after California, New York, and Texas]
Name for Residents – Floridians
Major Industries – Tourism, agriculture (oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes), electronics

Major Rivers – St. Johns River, St. Marys River, Suwannee River
Major Lakes – Lake Okeechobee, Lake George
Highest Point – A hill in Walton County – 345 feet (105 m) above sea level
Bordering States – Georgia, Alabama
Bordering Bodies of Water – Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico

Origin of the Name Florida – Florida was first seen by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon on Palm Sunday on April 2, 1513 – he then named the “Pascua de Florida,” meaning “Feast of Flowers” and claimed it for Spain
State Nickname – The Sunshine State
State Motto – “In God we trust.”
State Song – “Swanee River”


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