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Specialized Moving Tips For Summer Moves that different can be exciting but planning to move at this time of the year can be stressful, not to mention, excruciatingly tiring. It is also a big challenge considering the harsh rays of the sun which can drain your body of water, leaving you immobile and lifeless. As we anticipate much hotter days in the coming years, it is essential that we plan ahead when it comes to indulging in strenuous work. The majority of people move in the summers because it is convenient, so discussing some Specialized moving hacks to make your summer relocation easy is a must.

Uprooting your whole life is indeed a depressing thought, especially when you have made friends around the neighborhood; the boy at the grocery mart knows your meat preferences, your neighborhood salon lady knows exactly how you like your hair done, and so on. The thought of leaving a place that you call home can put you through a whirlwind of emotions, but sometimes you have to go with the flow. And if you absolutely have to continue with the move, it should not have to be a nightmare. The following tips can help you deal with the stress of moving in the summer without exhausting yourself completely.

The most important thing to keep reminding yourself of is to

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water! There is no argument that water is essential to keep your body hydrated during the summers. The process of moving to a new place can easily be compared to a long workout. You would not want to forget your water bottle when you are going to the gym, so why now? Keep your strength up by increasing your intake of fluids.


Create an Inventory of the Things You Own

Specialized Moving

Include everything in this inventory, whether it is a pack of kitchen cleaning cloths or a phone registry. You can opt to create this list before you sell, give away or throw away any unwanted items. This list will give you a good idea of what you have brought with you and which items you have discarded. It will also help you remain sane once you arrive at the new apartment and start your treasure hunt.

Keep, Give, Sell or Throw Away

You cannot and should not take everything with you when you move. We collect several things in our daily lives that we never use. To save yourself from the trouble of packing everything and wasting time and energy when you know the items will collect dust in the attic of your new home too, put up a yard sale or give things away to family and friends. You can even choose to donate or throw away some of the stuff.

Arrange to Move in the Middle of the Month

It is hot and on top of that, it will be busy if you choose to move to the beginning or at the end of the month. You cannot avoid the tough heat, but you can definitely avoid the premium renters charge when the demand is high. Save yourself from the trouble and move when it is most convenient. You do not need to worry about your utility and other bills because you can contact the utility providers at any time and ask for the connections to be disconnected.

Start Early

Moving Storage

If you have moved before, especially in summer, you will know that it usually takes longer than expected to pack because you get drained of energy a lot quicker. To avoid the stress of running here and there at the last minute so that the movers do not charge you for another whole day, start early, maybe even a month in advance. But be smart in the process – pack the things you won’t need until after you’ve moved, first.

Crank Up the Air Conditioner

Whether you are preparing to get your hands dirty packing your life up or have just arrived at the new place, make sure your air conditioner is functional and switched on, making the atmosphere pleasant enough for you to get everything done with ease. Dismantle the AC at the very end and set it up first thing after you have reached your new home. This way, you will not have to put up with the unbearable heat as you pack and unpack.

Dress According to the Occasion (and Weather!)

Well, the occasion here is you moving into a new apartment, not the housewarming party you will host after you have settled in at the new place. During the move, whether you are packing or driving to your new home, dress in light and comfortable clothes to make your summer move easy. A smart move would be to avoid dark, full body clothing to save yourself from profuse sweating. Wearing sunscreen and donning a pair of sunglasses is also a must when you are working outdoors!

Start Packing Early to Avoid Extra Expenses

Product Movers

When you start packing, you will realize that you need more boxes and be packing supplies than you anticipated and the costs will start to add up quickly. An average-sized box can cost you about $2 or more. Garment-hanging boxes are worth more. For expensive appliances, you may need bigger and stronger boxes that will definitely increase the bill.

To cut down the bill, start off with following tip number 3 and selling, giving away, or donating items you don’t need. Also, start looking for free supplies early on – you can do this by asking the man at the local corner shop to save you a few boxes he gets his supplies in. Moreover, if you have sandwich bags, you can use them to store all the little things like tools and stationery. All in all, plan and act in time to minimize costs. With temperatures rising and temper levels of the following suit because of the unbearable heat among other factors, you don’t want the worry of exceeding your budget make you breathe fire.

Label as You Go

When you are packing, think of the time when you will have to unpack the boxes –  we guarantee that this will stop you from being lazy and will make sure you do such a good job that it will be a breeze to unpack when the time comes. Labeling is one of the best ways to know what each box contains so you can unpack quickly and with ease. It also lets you leave boxes that contain items you don’t need immediately unopened until the weather has cooled down a little bit.

Involve Your Kids

Moving With Children

Most people decide to send the kids over to their neighbors or ask their relatives or friends to take care of them while they figure out the whole apartment-moving business. Others hire babysitters to avoid the stress of looking after their child while packing their belongings. A third category decides to involve them, which we believe is the best decision. Involving kids can provide them with a sense of ownership. Moreover, giving them specific directions or showing them a demo can get the job done faster, and keep you on track. And with the sun blazing down on you, who wouldn’t want to get the job done quicker?

Now that you have done the packing and the labeling, it is time to hire appliance movers to move your valuable appliances so that you can say goodbye to the house/apartment. But there’s one last thing that you should remember

Be Kind to Your Movers

If it is hot for you, it must be twice as hot for the movers who have to make sure your move goes smoothly and do all the grunt work. Remain calm and be patient with them – you need to keep it together during this stressful time and work as a team to get everything done. Make sure that cold drinking water is available for them as well as for yourself. You can even arrange their lunch, which is a very kind gesture and will encourage them to take utmost care of you and your belongings.

Once you have reached the new apartment, make sure you use specialized moving tips to do things in an organized manner. This means taking the boxes in one by one and placing them in their designated rooms, for example, that will save you from a lot of hassle later on. Take out that list you made earlier and check that everything has been brought to the apartment from the truck and/or your car, especially the boxes that contain your valuables.

You may have already done this, but remember to take photos of the new apartment. Make sure that utility connections have been re-opened on your request so that you do not end up paying the previous renter’s bills. Finally, start unpacking with the most essential items first like toiletries, medicines, basic tools, and any grocery items that need to go into the refrigerator immediately. And once you’re done with that, take the rest of the day off! There is no need to over-exert yourself in the hot weather when you can take it nice and slow. Sit back and relax, and maybe your new neighbor will drop by with a housewarming meal to make you feel at home!

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