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Make Your Long Distance Move Stress-Free

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Make Your Long Distance Move Stress-Free

It is always stressful to leave one place and shift to a completely new territory and call it your home. Today’s demanding jobs require many employees to relocate to places far away and find long distance moving service – this is one of the many challenges that we face to survive in this world and satisfy our needs. Relocation can, however, be an exciting new change in your life that you can enjoy immensely.

People around the world relocate for many reasons. These may include better jobs, better living arrangements, cheaper or quality education, safer neighbourhoods, etc. However, the excitement of planning an interstate or cross-country move can quickly be overshadowed by the logistics. No matter how difficult the move is, especially the time it will take to cover the ground, you do not need to make it more difficult than it already is. With a little effective planning, your move from point A to point B can be smooth, whether you are leaving the Plains of Oklahoma for the Northeast or the golden West Coast.

Getting Started

Specialized Moving

Well, it all begins with lots and lots of planning, as already mentioned above. Hiring movers straight away may not be the smartest choice you will make. To make your long distance move stress-free, bump-free and pocket-friendly, you need to take this one step at a time.

Just follow the steps below and you will reach your destination without a hiccup:

Time is Key

You cannot just wake up one day, pack your bags, and leave. That is a journey only possible on a reel. You need time for planning and execution. It may take as long as 2 months for a stress-free local move, but when it is long distance, 12-16 weeks may be a more appropriate timeframe.

Analyze your Relocation Plans

Planning an intrastate move (within a state) may not be as gruelling and tiresome as an interstate move (crossing an international border or state). You will definitely need a specialized mover for your long distance journey since not everything can fit into your car. The type of move will dictate how you will move your possessions, the costs associated, and all other factors.

Take Inventory

Moving Inventory

To make your move flexible, you have to ensure you’re not just lifting the whole house and moving it to a new place. Sure, you are uprooting your whole life with this long distance move but taking everything that you own can double or even triple your costs, considering the moving company charges, as well as the cost of packing.

Many people see a move as a way to simplify and de-clutter their lives. You may want to keep your favourite furniture or valuable belongings but why drag the extra burden of old clothes and useless knickknacks with you when you know they are ultimately going to collect dust in your new house too? Taking an inventory will help you list all the items in your house and decide what you should take with you. The things that you plan to or end up leaving behind can be sold, donated or simply thrown away.

Determine the Budget

Before you start spending your life’s savings, you should figure out the best way to spend on the move. Remember that a long distance move can be costly if you are planning to hire a mover. Moreover, the costs can quickly add up because moving to a new place creates new needs as well. What you need to do is shortlist some of the best movers available in your area – you can then compare them and choose the one that provides the best services while also staying within your budget.

Get In-Home Moving Estimations

This is the step in which you can get an exact idea of how much a moving company will set you back. A representative from the local movers of your choice will conduct a visual survey of your home and provide you with an accurate price. With this option, you can also observe the company’s services up close and decide on the contract details.

Try to stay away from move brokers. Never heard of them? Move brokers usually do not offer in-home surveys but just set you up with the cheapest moving company – this can cause problems later on in the form of massive additional costs and much more. You can even Google moving companies and their physical locations to find a renowned and credible mover.

Decide on the Transportation Details

Movers And Packers Services In USA

If you want your actual move to be flexible, you may have to decide on hiring the moving truck and not the driver. By doing this, you and your family can enjoy your interstate drive with as many breaks as you want.

Do I Leave My Car Behind?

Most certainly not. One option to take your car with you is to ship it. You can easily find estimates on websites like www.ShipAnyCar.com, etc. You can also drive it yourself but the costs associated will include gas, wear and tear, and any unanticipated breakdowns. Then, you will even have to consider insurance and complete tax papers, not to mention driving for 12 or more hours straight which can take a toll on your physical health. You can even choose to hire someone else to drive your car.

You have a number of options to make your ride as smooth as possible, but in the end, it all depends on whether you have worked out every dimension of your long distance move in advance.

Consider Furniture Placement at the New Place Before You Start Loading

You should seek flexibility and comfort from the start until the end because you will be on the verge of losing your mind when planning a long distance move. To avoid further stress and irritation, try loading the truck with the things that are to be placed in the first room of your new home, first. Similarly, load those things that need to be taken the farthest, such as to the bedroom on the first floor, at the end. Planning it this way will help you arrange things in an organized manner and will keep you moving with fewer breaks.

For instance, once you have reached the new place, taking things to the last room first will use up most of your energy. Once you get to the innermost boxes in the truck, you will probably be out of breath, which is why it would be easier to bring those boxes and place them in the room closest to the entrance.

Pack Essentials Separately

You do not need to pack frozen foods and groceries because you are definitely not moving to a forest. However, stocking your bag with snacks, water, and other stuff can help you stay fed and hydrated throughout the long distance move. Moreover, also pack a few clothes, shoes, and toiletries along with other basic necessities to spend the first few days at the new place without spending too much on essentials. You can even tie your mattress to the roof of your car for the trip if you have hired a mover whose delivery window extends to more than one day.

Understanding Move-In Stipulations

Making Your Long Distance Move Stress Free

Renting a condo or an apartment means that there must be certain requirements you and the movers will need to meet. Often, building managers do not allow moving on certain days or at certain times. You definitely do not want your family or the mover waiting outside to unload after a long journey as you try to obtain clearance on the spot.

These are all the basic steps you need to follow to ensure a smooth long distance move. However, here are a few additional tips.

Tip # 1 – Do Not Forget to Plan the Move for Your Pets

Just like you need flexibility and comfort, your pets need it too. For the trip, you need to make sure that you have sufficient food and water, as well as planned breaks for your pets. Other essential supplies may also need to be packed to make the move comfortable for them. Checking in with your vet may provide you with better information on the travelling arrangements you need to make.

Tip # 2 – Flying?

To escape all of this, have you thought of flying? Of course, it will cost extra because you may still choose a moving company for your furniture and other household stuff, but it will save you from all the work and stress that comes with a road trip.

Tip # 3 – Do Not Move on Peak Moving Dates

It is simple – avoid moving during Spring or Summer break, college move-in days, and others, to avoid the high costs and the extra traffic.

Follow these steps and enjoy a hassle-free long distance move with little or no stress!

Get up to 5 moving estimate from
pre-screened qualified moving companies

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Make Your Long Distance Move Stress-Free