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7 Things You Forget While Planning A Long Distance Move

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7 Things You Forget While Planning A Long Distance Move

Long Distance move is the most stressful and overwhelming task that one can come across. Globalization has enabled people to move more often. Nowadays, moving to different states for better job opportunities or moving to a new province to get admission in a University which offers the best IT program in the country has become common. On Average, over 7 million Americans move to a new state every year.

Planning a long-distance move can leave you restless at night. You don’t want to miss any important step or leave behind an important item. Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of things you should not forget to do before the long-distance move.


1. Pack your valuables

Pack Valuables

Pack your expensive jewelry and important documents beforehand, don’t leave everything for the moving company. They might be a trusted company to work with but they may not be aware of all the hidden compartments. Make sure that you have emptied all your lockers and safe deposit boxes before leaving. Check all your cabinets and hiding places to save a trip back.

Collect all your important medical, educational, and business documents. It may include dental, vaccine, and veterinarian documents or your child’s school portfolio.

Leaving behind these valuables would cost you emotional and financial setbacks during a long-distance move and returning to collect those items would be a time-waster.


2. Don’t forget to leave behind some important things

Long Distance Move

Leaving behind the house keys is the most important job which people usually forget while moving. Gather all spare keys and label them. It would be a nice gesture for the new owners of your home.

Don’t forget to return the borrowed and rented items. You don’t want your old neighbors and friends to remember you as a forgetful person. Make a list of all the items that you borrowed; it might be a book or a screwdriver you borrowed from your neighbor to take down the bookshelf and return them before leaving.


3. Unsubscribe utilities and renewables before moving

Long Distance Move

Buying and moving into a new house is already an expensive task, you don’t want to pay for services you no longer use. Inform your utility service providers of your moving date so that you are not charged after moving. Also, turn on the utilities of your new home to have a good night’s sleep after a hectic day of your long-distance move.

Also, if you have subscribed to any gym or club membership, unsubscribe them before leaving. Check your club’s policies beforehand; some clubs require one month’s notice before service cancellation.


4. Plan the route of your Long-Distance Move

Long Distance Move

It’s better to plan your traveling route in as much detail as possible and inform your emergency contact of the details so that, in case of any emergency, they are aware of your whereabouts and can contact you swiftly.

It might sound stupid but don’t forget to pack maps and travel guides. No wonder, GPS and smartphones are trustworthy devices but there might be some non-coverage areas along your route, or battery failure can cause you a real headache.


5. Discard the unwanted stuff before Moving

Movers In USA

Downsizing is an essential part of long-distance moving, especially if you are moving into a smaller house than your previous one. Taking along 3 bedroom sets in a 2 bedroom house would cause you some real trouble. Therefore, mark which furniture items you need in your new home and discard the rest.

There is a lot of stuff that you no longer use, go through your cupboards and storages, and get rid of the unwanted items. Follow the one year rule, the item you have not used in one year you would probably not use in future also.


6. Take care of your babies and pets

Home Movers

Chasing kids and pets on a moving day can add an immense amount of pressure. Plan your moving day according to the age of your kids. Hire a baby sitter or send them to their favorite aunt to avoid getting injured while the movers are moving the furniture. Also, don’t forget to mentally prepare them for the long journey and new neighborhood.

Similarly, change is hard for animals too. Plan your day accordingly, leave the pets at the daycare, or with a trusted friend or lock them in their favorite room. Also, make them habitual of the carriers for the long journey.


7. Prepare an Essentials Box for the Long Distance Move


Most people forget to pack an essentials box containing all the necessary items that you would need in the first 24 hours. Save yourself from the hassle of going through all your stuff just to find the toilet paper.

Pack cleaning supplies, paper towels, set of clothes, clean sheets, towels, paper plates, toilet paper, and maybe even a bottle of softdrink to celebrate all your hard work.

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7 Things You Forget While Planning A Long Distance Move