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7 Biggest Packing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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7 Biggest Packing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Packing is an important task whether you are moving to another town or country. It needs a definite plan of action because what, when, and how you pack is important for a smooth move and helps avoid packing mistakes that can usually occur while accelerating your move.

But, as the moving day comes near, you become more and more stressed about your packing and moving hassle. Due to this, all of a sudden, you get involved in an extremely volatile situation where lots of accidental packing mistakes can surely accelerate.

If you want to move your stuff to a new house with perfect packing and easy unpacking, consider these mistakes and avoid them as much as you can to help yourself stay focused, organized and have a stress-free and seamless move to your new home!


1) Lack of Definite Packing Plan:

You need to take care of a lot of things while moving, and it requires your complete attention as packing procedure needs. Problems easily skyrocket when you execute moving operations without a definite plan.

Packing consumes a lot of time and needs extra care in order to ensure the safety of your belongings. The situation becomes more stressful when you waste your time in packing stuff that you don’t need to use. You can execute packing operations well by ensuring what stuff you need to pack or not. Start with decluttering, and get rid of all the things you don’t want to carry to your new house or that are unnecessary. A good way to get rid of them could be giving away in charity. One considerable benefit you can get by this packing strategy is an affordable shipping cost as the heavy load increases the transportation prices while moving.

Packing Mistakes


2) Wrong Double-Tape Activity:

Boxes with a single tape are risky for the safety of your valuable stuff as they can’t bear the load of heavy items. Bulky boxes are at risk of damage or fall by the box, probably onto the toes of the mover carrying it.

Only a stroke packing tape with a double seal on each box can save your valuable items from damage or fall. Most commonly sticky tapes are available in the market, so check their quality before using them for packing. Cover the bottom and edges of the boxes with high-quality tape. This way, the double seal will save your valuable moving stuff inside the packing boxes.

Packing Mistakes


3) Packing Without Assistance:

Many people underestimate the complexities involved in packing though it is the most tedious work. After all, you are packing stuff for your Residential Moving purposes which you can’t execute alone.

Ease your packing workload by taking help from your family, buddies, or professional packers. If you need professional packing assistance, AAAMoving-Store is here to help you get connected with the most reliable, professional, and experienced moving companies across USA to ensure a flawless move.

Packing Mistakes


4) Failing to Pack Perfectly:

While packing, you come across different things that are hard, soft, or delicate and you need to pack them ensuring their safety and security during the moving process. All you try to ensure is that you find items exactly the same as you packed.

For this, give additional time and effort in packing the stuff that is delicate such as fragile glassware. We advise you to use bubble wrap, newspaper, and old towels or socks to protect delicate stuff and any other object. Moving experts also suggest packing plates vertically in boxes that are not too large.



5) Packing Essentials with Other Stuff:

Packing clothes, medication, and important documents together is one of the biggest mistakes. It can confuse you at the time of unpacking boxes while taking out a particular item. Pack your stuff separately to ensure safety and help you avoid confusion while unpacking. Although it requires your extra time and effort to sort things separately according to their category, it will definitely save a lot of your time while unpacking once you have moved to your new house. Hence, it is important to pack them separately.

Packing Mistakes


6) Packing Boxes Without Labels:

When you don’t mark packed boxes, movers leave them in a living room rather than keep them in their right room. As a result, you have to place boxes in their respective places to unpack them after moving into a new home.

Therefore, labeling the packed boxes is necessary to keep the moving process smooth. You will also remember what item you have placed in which box and will help you avoid confusion while unpacking allowing you to save a lot of your time and energy.

Labelling Boxes


7)  Organizing stuff is a waste of time:

The biggest mistake we make is assuming that organizing the stuff for packing is only a waste of time. If you don’t arrange the things in a particular order, possibly, you have to face huge stress resulting in a waste of your time and energy.

People think they can save time by packing all stuff alone without arranging them in the correct order and can easily sort them out after moving to a new home. However, they end up giving extra time & effort while sorting out the stuff after moving. Hence, this concept is completely wrong.

It is always useful to arrange all the stuff before moving as it will save your time and keep you stress-free, making your move smooth and easier.

Packing Mistakes

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7 Biggest Packing Mistakes You Need to Avoid