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Moving with children can be challenging.

We’re here to make it easier!

Relocation is not an easy task; it can be extremely daunting. Although it’s the start of a new chapter in your life and you couldn’t be more excited, you have to realize that it can be hard for the children in the family. Relocation can occur due to many reasons, but for kids, all it means is saying goodbye to their mates, leaving their home to move to a new house, and leaving things behind. It makes them feel helpless as they have little or no control over the situation. The ideal way to tackle this problem is to figure out what is bothering them the most and try to address these issues accordingly.

Moving with Pets

Relocating is never an easy task, whether it is to a new state, city, or even the opposite street. Moving can be extremely daunting for people – it demands a lot. It can also easily make any individual anxious and cause them to stress out about minor details, but have you ever wondered how uneasy moving can make your pets? Moving with pets can be extremely troublesome at times; they are quite sensitive and can easily sense any unusual activity taking place. Needless to say, they also feel the stress and apprehension associated with moving to a new environment.

Moving Away? These Tips Can Help!

Relocation doesn’t happen in a single day – weeks of prior planning and preparation are required. Considering the risks and the financial blows involved, moving away can turn out to be one scary experience, especially for those who have never relocated before. Then again, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so bad, especially if you follow some useful tips and work smartly. In fact, your relocation can even be fun!

Moving Terminology

All the moving services that are not included in the standard transportation services fall in the category of Accessorial (or “Additional”) Services. These could be anything, from packing to special pick-ups and/or deliveries.


Yes, putting down a moving deposit (which is a part of your total cost) is a requirement by most moving companies in order to confirm your request and moving date. The deposit itself depends on how big your move is; you can find out more about it from the company you choose.

A bill of lading is a contract between you and the moving company and is probably the most important document you will receive during the process. A receipt for your order, it includes a documented inventory of all your belongings that the company will be moving.

To stay updated about your customer rights, responsibilities, and all other information, visit the webpage Protect Your Move.

You can find out if any of the moving companies on our site are registered with FMCSA by visiting the webpage, Protect Your Move.

A binding estimate is a contract that specifies the cost of moving in advance, based on the services requested at the time the estimate was made. If you select this option, the final charges you have to pay will not decrease if the final weight is less than the estimate made originally. However, if you choose to request additional services at the time of the move, the extra charges will be added to the total cost.

Although there is no rule here, it is best to start planning your journey and finding a reliable mover as soon as possible. Whether you decided to move a long time ago or it is a sudden decision, you can never be too prepared for this task, so it’s better to start early.